Hi! My name is Kanghyun Ryu. I am a robotics engineer and graudate student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(UIUC), Aerospace Engineering department.
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My goal is to develop an Autonomous mobile robots, such as self-driving cars or unmanned aerial vehicles. I am also interested in space robotics for planetary exploration or on-orbit tasks. For these robots, the ability to adjust to new environment while guaranteeing safety is important. To achieve this goal, my research interests lie in safe integration of robot learning, navigation, and control. You can see my relevant works on this website.

Autonomous Systems · Robot Perception and Navigation · Control theory · Machine Learning

Recent Posts

2019 Spaceport America Cup

July 15 2019

1 minute read

As a member of SNU rocket team HANARO, I participated in the 2019 Spaceport America Cup, 10K feet with Commercial of the Shelf solid motor. I was part of av...

Laser Ignition Sounding Rocket Launch System

December 21 2018

1 minute read

"Laser Ignition Sounding Rocket Launch System" Soobeom Heo, Hongryeol Joo, Kyunghyun Ryu, Youngbin Yoon. Undergraduate Research Program Advised by Prof...